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More League stuff in my spare time.


I am obscenely delighted by clean lines and le Teemo :/ But on the plus side doing this stops me from playing so much…?

So I’ve taken a slight interest in League of Legends. Its a fun game with like, a billion different characters to play.

I, of course, only play the cute ones.


Blitz Teemo?

Taking a break from work for a bit… Been animating for a few episodes of Ugly Americans, a very funny show that I will never show my parents. Hopefully I’ll be able to put the stuff I worked on from it up here soon :)

In other news today: In lieu of anything better to do and because my desktop is a solid tile of icons, I did a little computer housekeeping. In the process I found a bunch of old sketches and half finished drawings. The best idea I could think of for them was to consolidate them all into one file and launch them into the internet like a satellite into the burning face of the sun, thereby relieving me of any further responsibility of them.

My laziness: Enjoy!

Stuff I found on my desktop...

I am the worst at hand posing


Also, this was from last years Chinese New year, drawn particularly for my niece, a little tiger :)



Other randomness: Vegetable Lamb of Tartary. lolwut?

Lets hope I can keep drawing things like this and still make a living… I really like the piggies in the corner. I’ve named them Pork and Beenz.

In site news, photos have gone up…more for my own gratification than anything else. They were taken a while back but I still like them. The ones taken in Cambodia lean more towards looking at composition through photography. The ones from Europe are just damn silly.

So finally settling on a format for the page…. I was fiddling around with more complicated wordpress layouts but in the end it was becoming more trouble than it was worth. At least now I have my site back :) I’ll try to get all the other things that got lost in transition back up in the next few days.